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15th I never thought I'd ever be referred to as an author...

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

I never thought I'd ever be referred to as an author...

At every stage I faced dilemmas about choosing amongst several options after completing the first draft, dad and sister Mythreyi read it again and provided their feedback chapter wise. I made changes wherever I felt they were required.

While writing some of the experiences I had excluded the details which seemed trivial to me as I viewed it from the perspective of someone in the situation and not from oustide of it. However dad and sister seemed keen on knowing further details about certain instances and that's when it struck me that details are not always redundant or boring.

I came to understand that while writing in first-person, the perspective ought to be largely one's own. However, while editing, it's time to step into the reader's shoes.

I thought that next step would be going to a professional editor. With the help of one of my friends, I approached an organization for editing. But they told me that they would do it only if I chose to self-publish. If I opted to approach a publisher, they told me that their work would be redundant as it would be taken care of by the publisher.

Watch this space for more on my journey...

Swimming against the tide - True Story of Para Swimmer Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu

By Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu

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