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16th I never thought I'd ever be referred to as an author...

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

#16th I never thought I'd ever be referred to as an author...

My friend Saundarya told me that we need to have a book proposal to approach a publisher. I thought I had sufficient time to go for it and didn’t work on it. I had gone through some templates and realised that preparing the proposal would be a more challenging task than writing the book itself 😃

The book proposal usually consists of whole book synopsis, chapter-wise synopsis, author's bio, etc. With the support of my well-wishers Rashmi and Saranya Rajagopalan, I could work on it. I also spoke to Steve Goldberg and got his valuable advice.

After successfully finishing the proposal I still had some doubts at the bottom of my heart. Being a first-time writer, if I go to the publishers with an unedited version, will they like it? I strongly felt like going to an independent editor before approaching the publisher. So, I checked with the same agency and requested to edit my book. Then they responded with an assurance that publishers wouldn’t bother too much about the language or its grammar. Their major concern would be the content. If they like it, then they may consider our proposal favourably. They suggested me not to waste money on editing. I respected their experience and knowledge in this field and stopped thinking about it. Their words did become a reality in my case.

One of my friends connected me with a publisher. But soon they said that they will not publish autobiography books. Hence I didn’t even get the opportunity to present the proposal.

Later Saundarya connected me with SAGE publishers. They approved my request and became publishers for my maiden attempt at writing a book…….

Watch this space for more on my journey...

Swimming against the tide - True Story of Para Swimmer Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu

By Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu

To get updates on the available platforms of this book, pl visit

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