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17th I never thought I'd ever be referred to as an author...

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

I never thought I'd ever be referred to as an author...

Usually, SAGE Publishers don’t publish biographies. But after a review of my unedited draft manuscript, they felt my story was worth telling and considered my proposal positively. That was truly a wonderful moment in my life! For a first time writer like me, getting the acceptance for my very first proposal from an internationally renowned publisher like SAGE was an unbelievable news!

Each publisher usually has their own proposal format. As mentioned earlier, Rashmi Simon helped me a lot with sending the proposal in their format. As it was my first time through these steps, I had many doubts. I will never forget the amazing support extended by Manisha, Executive Editor-Commissioning from SAGE and her great patience in clearing all my doubts. Soon, the time came for editing. As the publisher was ok if I worked with an external editor, I requested my friend, Rajasekharan to edit my book. When the editor understands the author's feelings well, the edited version will be even more effective. Raja has known me for a long time and being in the field of supporting persons with disabilities in their careers through their organization V-Shesh, he also knows the theory related to disability besides his experience in listening to and understanding their clients. He used to help us send critical communications from our Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India in a very effective manner. But due to his hectic schedule, he couldn’t accommodate my request. But I continued to seek his guidance especially with regard to the use of respectful disability language. Finally I opted for the services of a professional editor from SAGE. Sometimes when the professional editor suggested removing sections, seeing it from the readers’ angle, I used to feel sad as every incident in my life is precious to me. Apart from having the support from the editor from SAGE, my dad, sister - Mythreyi, niece - Pranavi and nephew - Sachin extended a lot of support. Each person’s outlook is different considering their background, age etc. Dad with around 84 years of life experiences, sister with her experiences as an educationalist, Pranavi with her cross country experiences (she has been staying for some years in US) and Sachin as a young student gave me suggestions to edit the book as per their views. They were the representatives of my readers from different demographics. I also shared a few chapters with my friends Kalyani, Shashaank Awasthi, Sharanya Gopinath, writer - Mr.Rajan and one of our well-wishers, Colonel Isen Hower for their views. They all spent their precious time for me to give me their feedback which gave me confidence. My friends Sundari and Siddharth shared their experiences of publishing their own books. It was lovely listening to them. Frankly, I felt most comfortable in writing the first draft as I went with the flow of my thoughts. But editing involved a lot more brain work. I read my book many times in this process; each time for different purposes. One thing that amazed me was that each time I read, I found a point to edit - to give further clarity, improve language, typographical errors or some other aspect. Finally I understood that editing is a never ending process. But one must mark a full stop at some point of time and can’t continue editing indefinitely. Hence I finalized editing by 1st April, 2021.

At each and every stage, I thought that the hardest work from my side was over with that particular task. But later, I realized how wrong I was. Each stage in this process is crucial. When I now recollect my feelings from those days, I smile at my ignorance and innocence 😃

Watch this space for more on my journey...

Swimming against the tide - True Story of Para Swimmer Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu

By Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu

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