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#7 I never thought I'd ever be referred to as an author...

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

In my childhood, my family tried a lot to make me do exercises to keep me fit. As a child, I hated to do them. I found them boring. But now after participating in sports and experiencing the fun and happiness it brings, I feel that if I was exposed to sports rather than exercises those days, I’d have done it happily. I would have maintained fitness, too, fulfilling my parents' expectations.

I believe that sport is a powerful motivator for people to lead an active life (for any age group).

I decided to spread this message as much as possible (as persons with disabilities are usually discouraged to play sports by the family and society due to fears and doubts). Many nights I didn't get sleep thinking if I’d be able to do this before I leave this world, considering my health condition.

What did I do to spread the word?

Watch this space for more on my journey...

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