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A fun filled evening at accessible Marina Beach 🏖

We were so dismayed to see the damage caused to the sea view deck by the cyclone! But felt confident with the assurance from Greater Chennai Corporation that it will be restored immediately after the cyclone.

Just this morning I was reminiscing about the beautiful sea view deck now made accessible to all.

What a fun filled evening I had at Marina beach last Sunday!

Sitting by the beach and dipping your toes in water is just a dream for most persons with disabilities and for the elderly.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Dra India ( Vaishnavi Jayakumar , Smitha Sadasivan Sathish Kumar ) & Vidya Sagar . Greater Chennai Corporation and Tamilnadu Govt made this wooden pathway (water proof) at Marina beach, this now became a reality for all of us.

The bright smiles on the faces of elderly people, persons with disabilities and their families added to the beauty of the beach and made it more attractive. I saw an old woman breathing from oxygen cylinder at the beach... how happy she was watching the waves and equally happy were her family members.

We are glad to know that the government is going to restore the damaged property soon. May Tamil Nadu continue its path to true progress that is inclusive to all !

#accessiblemarina Accessible Beaches in Chennai

Video credit: Aakash Manokaran

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