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After yesterday's last session of our basic course in screen acting

After yesterday's last session of our basic course in screen acting, I had two different feelings.

1. Very happy for successfully completing the course as a student and as a co-organiser along with Film & Television Institute of India (FTII).

2. At the same time, felt sorry for missing the fun and learning we had for the past 5 weekends.

Of course I know every student has to undergo this....

Our celebration of learning continued this week also. Saturday Mr Ganesh Gaikwad, faculty of FTII, took session on grammer of film language. Topic is more technical for beginners like us ex: various types of lens, shots, angles etc. But still he made the session quite interesting.

Sunday Ass. Prof Utthana Bharighat explained in a very simple way as an actor how we should understand the screenplay and enact the same in our own style with our creativity and skill to add value to the film within the expectations of the Director.

Final session was by our course director Prof Jijoy Pulikal Rajagopalan. As per the homework given by Jijoy, everyone sang songs in the virtual presence of very supporting audience. He ended the session with Hasya Rasa

Almost all the participants expressed their happiness for being part of this course and described the experience as life changing and mentioned that they never even dreamt of becoming a student for acting course . We all wholeheartedly thanked Mr Sayyid Rabeehashmi, Mr Milind Damle, Prof Jijoy and all the faculties who took sessions for us and also those who were involved in designing the course. Special thanks for the technical support from FTII by Mr Yogesh and Mr Mahesh.

Closing remarks were by Mr Rabeehasmi and Mr Milind. They congratulated the participants and wished all the very best. They advised the participants to share their feedback to help them in designing the future programs.

Thanks a ton to the volunteers of our YWTC Trust Aakash Manokaran and Bhargav (as coordinators) and volunteers Pooja Mathur and Niraj (in calling the candidates to find out whether they meet the mandatory technical requirements of FTII or not) !

Hope this course will open a new chapter around the field of entertainment in the lives of all the participants!

P.s.As a part of the basic course in screen acting (which we arranged through our YWTC CHARITABLE TRUST in partnership with Film and Television Institute of India), we had these sessions.

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