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Arun Lakshmi Sriram - a standup comedy

Entertainment is every person's basic right not a luxury !

For the first time in my life, yesterday I got the opportunity to attend a stand-up comedy show of my good friend Arun Lakshmi Sriram. It was truly an incredible show. I've had the time of my life, not only because of his brilliant performance but also his beautiful intention to bring awareness among the society that entertainment is every person's basic right not a luxury. He meticulously picked up the venue which is accessible to wheelchair users. He didn't stop there, arranged for sign language interpretation so that deaf persons could enjoy the show too. He truly brought justification to the term 'Inclusive society'. My initial encounters with Arun were when he actively volunteered in many of our online events during the pandemic. Though this was the first time meeting him in person I never felt like it.

He said that he was inspired by participating in various events with us. Many people say that they are inspired by our activities but very few people actually take action towards it. I was immensely happy to actually witness inclusive atmosphere especially in the entertainment field.

Many deaf persons who attended the show yesterday expressed their happiness for getting an opportunity to attend a comedy show for the first time and enjoying it thoroughly. Just like me :)

Thanks a ton Arun for all the fun:) :)

Meeting Amma and Appa was an added bonus for us :)

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