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Assistive Technologies - Independence and Interdependence

IIIT Bangalore, IIM Bangalore, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, and Microsoft together started a course on disability and assistive technology. The course is formally offered by IIIT Bangalore. As a part of this course, Prof Rao from IIT, Delhi invited me and Hemachandran who is an Assistant Professor, Humanities and Social sciences, IIT Madras to share our experiences and thoughts on this topic.

I am glad to know such a type of course existed. We had a nice interaction with the students. It's great learning to hear from Hemachandran about his experiences in his childhood and now as a person with visual impairment. I have been observing the hesitations of many organisations to recruit people with blindness. We need to hear more from people like Hemachandran to come out of such hesitations and to understand how effectively they can work with the support of Assistive Technologies and their friends/colleagues.

I liked the response from Hemachandran for one question from the students - Are Assistive Technologies (ATs) supporting him to live life independently? For that, he responded by saying more than independence he loves the concept of interdependence and to contribute as a member in the family or in the society for a common purpose. If ATs provide that opportunity for him to contribute, he would be happier.

A great message 🙏🙏😍😍

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