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Delhi Diaries: Warm Hearts and Precious Moments

During my recent visit to Delhi, I had the privilege of meeting Mohit Gupta and his delightful family. Their warm hospitality, accompanied by the presence of his wife Rashmi and their charming daughter Mishthi created a truly heartwarming experience.

But that's not all; Mohit surprised me with some valuable gifts apart from beautiful stole. Firstly, he introduced me to the loving couple, Major General (Rtd) Ian Cardozo AVSM SM and his wife Mrs Priscilla. Their love and affection for me made me feel like I was in the comforting embrace of my own parents. I was instantly charmed by Priscilla Aunty's enchanting smile and the affectionate warmth she shared, and I couldn't help but fall in love with her presence.

Ian uncle, was the first war-disabled officer of the Indian Army to command a battalion and a brigade. He is an amputee due to a war injury. He overcame incredible odds. He is not just a great warrior; he's a living legend who dedicated his life to serving our nation. Ian Uncle presented me his book "Beyond Fear" along with a touching note and his autograph. To receive a note and compliments from someone of his stature for the work I'm doing for our country is an absolute honor and a proud moment in my life. His resilience, dedication, and service to the nation have left an indelible mark, and I'm deeply humbled to have earned his appreciation.

Mohit also invited another loving couple for the get-together - Director of National Book Trust Mr Yuvraj Malik and his wife.

Unfortunately, Mr. Yuvraj couldn't join us, but his wife, Mrs Dipali graced us with her presence. Very friendly person.

To top it all off, Mohit treated us all to a memorable gathering at the same hotel where I was staying. In the midst of my busy life filled with professional commitments, personal challenges due to my dad's health, and ambitious projects for our Trust, this get-together was a breath of fresh air. I interact with many wonderful people on a daily basis, but this encounter, in a relaxed and affectionate setting, was truly special.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mohit not only for his unwavering support for the second edition of my book, "#SwimmingAgainstTheTide", but also for the thoughtfulness and love that went into arranging this special get-together. I am immensely happy to have met all of them, and I cherish these moments forever. 💖🙏

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