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Doing unexpected things in life makes it very beautiful

Today all of us i.e. the participants of Basic Course on Screen Acting (exclusively for PwDs) had the same experience!

Till now I acquired qualifications related to banking and sports. But the first time I joined a course related to the creative world. After gaining considerable experience in one field, joining in another field as a beginner is altogether a different experience. Enjoying that feeling now

As shared with you all earlier we arranged this course through our YWTC CHARITABLE TRUST in partnership with the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune (FTII). FTII officials Shri Rabeehashmi ji , Shri Milind ji and their team members took great initiative in this regard. Out wholehearted thanks to them for making this happen !

Today we had our first session. Our course Director Prof. Jijoy took sessions today. It's an honour for us to listen from such a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Listening the experiences of other participants with various 'Rasas" is an awesome experience !

Prof Jijoy mentioned that learning acting helps in bringing out the better version of us apart from the other benefits we know.

Looking forward for the future sessions with a lot of excitement

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