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Faezeh energy SUSTAINs even after taking 4 hours session at a go

As a part of the basic course in screen acting (which we arranged through our YWTC CHARITABLE TRUST in partnership with Film and Television Institute of India), we had two sessions by the guest faculty Ms Faezeh Jalali on the topic movement analysis.

I tried to describe below how effective her sessions were using some of the terms explained by her with regard to movement analysis (in CAPS)

Faezeh Jalali is a woman with full of energy and also a multi talented person. What a STRONG person she is ! Her energy SUSTAINs even after taking 4 hours session at a go. TIME just flies while listening to her. Though we are all SPACEd in different cities, we felt like we are together. After attending her sessions we will realise that like laughter, energy is also contagious. SUDDENly we felt we became more energetic and enthusiastic. Though her classes were WEIGHTy with so many new learnings, we feel LIGHTER with enlightenment. Attending her sessions INDIRECTly (virtually) itself were this much effective. Just imagine how impactful her DIRECT (in person) sessions would be

Thanks a ton to our course Director Prof. Jijoy Pulikal Rajagopalan for inviting such great faculty to take classes to us

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