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Fireside chat at KLA

Recently I was invited by WISE (Women In STEM Empowered), a global Employee Resource Group (ERG) of KLA for a fireside chat which was very well moderated by Narayani (Nani) Narasimhan

What a warm welcome and very lovely audience I had there ! After pandemic, I think this is my first talk addressing people in person (apart from my book #Swimmingagainstthetide release related events). Generally in in-person talks, we will get lot of motivation from the audience, to speak. In my first post pandemic physical talk itself, I got it abundantly from those affectionate audience

All the members in WISE are with.great enthusiasm to make the environment in their organisation more inclusive. It was my pleasure to respond to their queries on inclusion.

The more questions the more happy I will be, as questions from audience give me the chance to introspect before responding.

A very well spent evening at KLA

Thank you so much J Enfil Premraj and team KLA

Pic Courtesy: team KLA

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