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Great practical learning experience with Mr Joy Fernandes on the topic "Hasya Rasa" (Comedy) !

Wow !! What a great practical learning experience today we had with Mr Joy Fernandes on the topic "Hasya Rasa" (Comedy) ! As you all know in partnership with Film and Television Institute of India, our YWTC CHARITABLE TRUST is organising basic course on screen acting for 5 weekends.

Last week our Course Director Prof Jijoy introduced us to fundamentals to acting. He made us to share our own experiences in connection with Nava Rasas. It was an amazing way of teaching us to understand our emotions basing on different Rasas.

In today's session, we learnt joyously from Mr Joy how to add comedy to our conversations by using body language, punch lines, timing etc and the various ways of creating comedy

At the end he told that he could learn some good points from each one of us. It shows how humble and simple he is

Great teachers always remain as great learners

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