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guest at QUIZABLED 2024

Honored to be a guest at QUIZABLED 2024 - Knowledge for All, an incredible event brought to life by the collaboration of Seva In Action - India (SiA) and SPASTNCHENNAI Spastic Society of TN SPASTN, funded by LTIMindtree , Bengaluru, in partnership with Catalyst Quiz Corp! The organizers' dedication shone through as they designed quiz formats tailored to the abilities of participants. For the deaf, it was a visually stimulating journey, while the blind participants experienced the magic of audio-driven questions. QUIZABLED 2023- 2024 isn't just a quiz event; it's a powerful way to empower Persons with Disabilities, breaking down barriers and making knowledge accessible to all. Let's celebrate the spirit of inclusivity and knowledge sharing!

#QUIZABLED2023-2024 #Inclusivity #Empowerment #KnowledgeForAll

Seva In Action - India SPASTNCHENNAI Spastic Society of TN LTIMindtree

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