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Inclusive Aqua Dance - Double Dhamaka❤️❤️❤️

One day while practising yoga in the swimming pool, suddenly, I had an idea - Why can't I dance in the pool when I am able to perform different types of yogasanas in the pool with ease (due to water buoyancy)?

Another of many great ideas I've got while in the pool!🤩🤩

I discussed this idea with my colleagues Sharanya (communication expert and a play back singer), Gopal (choreographer) and Raktim (very passionate about photography and videography). They loved it. Gopal agreed to teach us aqua dance, although he hadn't tried it earlier. But for my sake he tried dance in a pool before taking the sessions for us. Raktim came forward to videograph the sessions. Sharanya agreed to dance along with us. I am blessed to have such dear colleagues❤️❤️❤️

I invited a few of our wheelchair basketball players who love to dance but have never tried due to the doubts they had because of their disability.

I was able to get approval from the Hydrotherapy pool authorities at J N Indoor Stadium, Chennai.

It was a wonderful experience to organise an inclusive aqua dance session with such like minded people😍😍

You can watch in the video our initial experiments with dance in the pool😍😍 What an awesome experience ! Being under water itself a great experience ! Adding to that, dance, how amazing it will be❤️❤️ Double Dhamaka😍❤️🤩

Due to the pandemic we could not work on this further. But it definitely is on my to-do list after we conquer the pandemic fully😍😍😍

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