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It’s priceless, it’s a limited period offer and there’s only one service provider

Have you signed life’s most important Maintenance Contract?

What’s that you ask? I’ll give you a clue… It’s priceless, it’s a limited period offer and there’s

only one service provider- You.

Well, I’m talking about your body and mind that you alone can take care of. When I tell you that I am going to share some fitness tips, you may rightfully ask me about my qualifications/authority to speak on this topic.

I am no doctor, physiotherapist or fitness expert, but I am a survivor. Once upon a time I too hated exercise and ‘fitness’ rarely featured on my ‘To Do’ lists or new year resolutions. My car probably underwent better ‘maintenance’ than my own body.

Just like a rusty engine that gives up, so did my body, one day. With that blow, I was forced

towards fitness. I was plain lucky. But I have learnt the hard way that delay in listening to one’s body could cause irreparable damage.

Hope now you agree with my eligibility and allow me to chat with you on this topic sharing my experiences☺

Select a physical activity that is close to your heart that it may not be what others are doing

around you. If you take up an activity you love (which involves physical movement), it’s easier to commit to it. Many people have urged me to exercise right from my childhood, but not once did I listen to them. However, since my late thirties when a physiotherapist told me to practice hydrotherapy, I’ve been swimming every single day due to my immense love for water until the present pandemic started. And participation in sports also helped me and motivated me to continue my swimming. Invest in professional advice while choosing the physical activity as each body is unique.

You may tell me, “Ah! but there is simply no time”. But I would like to tell you from personal

experience that the most brilliant solutions to life’s problems flash in my mind while swimming. It’s almost like a form of meditation that manifests benefits in almost every area of your life.

The pandemic has gifted me yet another wonderful realisation. Once I started swimming, I

believed that this was my only lifeline as it brought me out of a life threatening situation.

However, as pools were closed, I could not practice swimming anymore. This prompted me to discover the joy of Yoga which only requires one’s own body and mind. For the past one and half years, while I do miss the pool, yoga at home has been my saviour.

Better late than never! At least now I have realized the benefits of Yoga and meditation. With

meditation, I have observed several positive changes in my thinking. Matters which made me tense earlier no longer disturb me and I feel much more balanced while making decisions.

It took a rude shock from my body to allow these beautiful realisations to dawn on me. I

sincerely hope my experiences will help you to wake up before your body gets too angry with you!

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