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Message from Shri Narendra Modi Ji

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The main purpose of bringing out my life experiences in the form of a book “Swimming against the tide” is to do my bit to bridge the huge gap between the aspirations of my fellow persons with disabilities and society’s perception of them. But the most important point after publishing the book is to take it to the notice of the highest authorities in the country to support them in issuing suitable orders to create more inclusive society. With that intention, I sent a copy of my book to the honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi Ji. But I was not sure whether my book would go to his notice or not. Yesterday when I received the attached detailed letter from our honourable Prime Minister, my joy knew no bounds. I wholeheartedly thank our beloved Prime Minister profusely for this nice gesture🙏 As mentioned by Shri Narendra Modi Ji, nowadays more awareness is being created about Paralympics and support for the para-athletes is also increasing in the direct proportion. However long way to go to get the required support and friendly ecosystem for all the interested persons with disabilities to take up sports as career and to get the equal recognition. But glad to see the steps in the right direction to achieve this…

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