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Mini Travelogue - Part 2

From Palakollu, we wanted to go to Antharvedi in Andhrapradesh as per the suggestion of my friend Balaram Das . That place is known for two important things - 1. Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple 2. Meeting place (Sangamam) of River Godavari and Bay of Bengal

We went there by our car. In between the route, we had to change the route as suggested by Google maps due to floods on that side because of heavy rains previously. The route selected by us later was not at all good for four kilometres. After that one person told us to go back as the temple was immersed in water due to floods. But we wanted to double check about it. Hence we enquired with another person. He smiled after hearing our query. He told that temple won't immerse in water whatever may the severity of floods and advised us to go ahead and have good darshan.

We believed his words and continued our journey. So many coconut trees and full of greenery made the journey a festival for eyes. Its like Kerala with regard to nature 's beauty as it's also a costal place.

By the time we reached there it was 1.30pm and the temple was closed. Officials there told temple would be opened again at 3pm. They were so courteous. They enquired whether we had lunch or not. Actually we didn't have lunch and we were so hungry. They informed us that food would be served at the temple to the devotees. But that food serving place is not accessible. They told us they would serve the food to me and to mom in car itself. We had food sitting in the car. Food was so delicious.

Even temple entrance and inside is also not accessible with big steps. So I advised my dad and sister to go and have darshan as it's difficult for me and mom. But they didn't want to leave us and go inside. They enquired with the officials about the possibility of supporting us. Immediately those officials sent their staff to help us by lifting our wheelchair to take us inside. Their staff were so helpful. We had very good darshan. The place was so divine and peaceful that we didn't feel like leaving it. We were in awe with the beauty and grandeur of the deities

Surprisingly outside of the temple I saw an accessible restroom along with men and women restrooms. Actually I didnt expect it as I never saw such a facility near any other temple I visited. Had they made the temple accessible, it would have been very nice.

But we could not go to the meeting place of the river and ocean as people there told us that it would be difficult for us as we have to walk for some distance to see it. Floods issue was also there.

We came back with great satisfaction for visiting such a great temple. From there we wanted to go to Bhimavaram to have darshan at Sri Someswara Aalayam (temple). But we missed to go there unfortunately in this trip.

For more details about this temple, pl go through the below link :

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