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Mini Travelogue – Part 4

I had a wonderful and beautiful experience in Hyderabad during this trip. I got the chance to visit my student Aruna Sharma ’s organization 4 AT Consulting LLC. While studying Intermediate (equivalent to Plus2) and graduartion, I conducted tuitions. At that time Aruna was studying 7th standard. She joined my tutorial. In my book #SwimmingAgainstTheTide, I explained very clearly how from a student, Aruna turned as my boss's daughter, a teacher and mentor to me in my later part of life. Our relationship intertwined with many sweet memories. The loving words that she mentioned while introducing me to her business partner made the teacher in me feel so elated. I always feel proud of my student Aruna for her humbleness, capacity to handle multiple activities effectively at a time and for her respect for her childhood teacher. Now she is the founder of a MNC.

She showed me their entire office premises, introduced her colleagues and explained to me about their growth plans. I was extremely over joyed seeing my dear Aruna in such a great position. I heartily pray for great success in her personal and professional life !

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