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Moon Uncle and Childhood Dreams.

Like many children, I grew up hearing enchanting stories about the moon. In my imagination, the moon was the most beautiful place where a loving granny sat under a tree, telling tales and serving up delicious food to children. I cherished my dreams of spending time with her, creating my own stories about the adventures we could have together.

But one day, in science class, I learned the scientific facts about the moon. I came to know that it's only a satellite and that there is no life on it. I felt heartbroken, realizing that my childhood fantasies were not based in reality.

Despite knowing the truth, I still find comfort in the image of my beloved Uncle Moon. I want to hold onto that comforting image of the moon, the granny, and the stories we shared. Even though it may not be true, the memory of it brings me peace, and I hold onto it dearly.

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