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My Acting Journey and My Mom

As you all know we made a short film recently in which I played a role too apart from writing the story !

I would like to share with you all how my acting journey started and the impact of my mom's advice in my sincere effort.

A few years ago, to participate in a short film competition in my organization, our team decided to make a short film basing on my life story. I only played my character in the film.

My colleague Raman Palanikumar directed it. I never forget the troubles I gave to the Director and my co-actors by incessant laughing.

Shooting with me always used to get finished with lot of smiles and laughs. Reason behind my behaviour is, I was the only real person playing the character. Rest of them were acting the roles of another real persons. So whenever my coach character told me anything about swimming techniques, I could not control my laugh as that actor didn't even know how to swim.

Finally we got only third prize in the competition. It might be mostly because of my acting

Later when I discussed this matter with my mom she advised me to try for perfection in whatever I do even if it's not my main profession. And also she suggested me to be even more careful when I am a team player as my performance affects that of the entire team. I mentioned about this incident in my book #Swimmingagainstthetide too.

Subsequently when I got the opportunities for a guest appearance in Tamil feature film "SINGAPENNY"

(yet to be released - will share more about this experience after its release) at the request of the Director Mr Jsb Sathish and to act in our short film "When Opportunity Knocks the Recruiter's Door!" (, I made a sincere effort following mom's advice . All the appreciations I am receiving today for my performance must go to mom also apart from our director, my co-actors and the entire team !

On the eve of "Mother's Day", once again I express my gratitude to my mom for all her sacrifices for my well-being !

Happy Mothers Day to all the loving moms in this world !

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