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One day, I was speaking to a boy with disability.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

One day, I was speaking to a boy with a disability. He told me of a huge worry at school. His teachers used to tell his classmates to be friendly, smile at him, and try to be nice with him. To him, all of this seemed artificial and made him especially uncomfortable. He missed all the fun he used to have with his classmates where they used to fight and make fun of each other. This worry led him to even change schools hoping for a fresh start.

This reminded me of an incident from my own childhood. When I was playing with my cousins, I had hurt myself mildly. My father admonished my cousins. He had fears about my safety while playing considering my disability. My cousins then became extra careful while playing with me fearing the elders. I felt terrible. I liked the way they played with me earlier but not this cautious treatment. I requested my dad not to warn them that way in future. I would rather bear the injuries than their special treatment.

These incidents tell us about human nature. If our feelings come from the bottom of our heart, only then do they gain sanctity. It is good to teach children empathy. But only with heartfelt sincerity can this empathy be true and meaningful.

pic courtesy: Ms Nirmala P - my sister is learning drawing pics as per the theme in my posts. Thanks a ton to her😍😍😍

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