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Role of NGOs in Assistive Technology Design and Dissemination - Panel discussion

Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in a thought-provoking panel discussion arranged by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Research Park on the 'Role of NGOs in Assistive Technology Design and Dissemination,' alongside esteemed NGO leaders and in the presence of assistive technologists.It was a pleasure to be part of a discussion that was expertly moderated by Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala , adding depth and insight to our dialogue.

🗣️ Key points from my talk during the discussion: I stressed the critical need to raise awareness about assistive technologies among those who need them most, as well as engaging with corporates to champion this cause. Recognizing the power of AT in empowering Persons with Disabilities, this initiative can also encourage corporates to recruit more individuals with disabilities. I passionately urged fellow NGOs to recognize the vital significance of customized assistive devices, precisely tailored to meet the individual and unique requirements of our beneficiaries. It's essential that we move away from the one-size-fits-all approach that often results in standard devices being distributed, disregarding the diverse needs of those we aim to support.

I also requested sponsors to join us in this mission. Emphasized the role of engineering students in driving innovation by taking up projects related to assistive technologies. Collaboration between universities and manufacturing industries can bring transformative solutions to life. A special shout-out to IIT Madras for their outstanding work in this field – they are setting an exemplary standard. Let's continue the momentum created at the Empower conference, hosted annually by IIT Research Park, as it unites all stakeholders in our collective journey toward a more inclusive world.

Together, we can empower individuals with disabilities through assistive technology! 💪 #AssistiveTech#EmpowerConference#NGOLeadership#Innovation#Collaboration#ywtc

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