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Support talented individuals without discrimination.

This photo was captured with Srivatsan Sankaran and his team of photographers, who are deaf/hard of hearing people when I went to Karpagam 's wedding reception along with Aakash Manokaran. Recently, we had the pleasure of utilizing their services for my niece's wedding, and Venkatesh did an exceptional job. All of my family members were impressed with his outstanding work.

I want to emphasize that some people may have reservations about hiring deaf photographers or videographers due to communication concerns. However, despite not knowing sign language, none of my family members experienced any difficulties communicating with Venkatesh about their photo preferences.

It's important to dispel these misconceptions and support talented individuals without discrimination. I want to extend my warmest congratulations to Srivatsan for his excellent work in training many deaf people in photography.

Names of Individuals in the pic:

Order from left to right

Simron Raj, Venkatesh, Akash, Ragul , srivatsan, Aravind R

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