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Swimming Against The Tide - Mohit Gupta

"You are an inspiration and we are sending this book across some of the book clubs and libraries we curate. It would be an honor to host you........"

One fine morning, I received this message on Linkedin along with the pic of my autobiography #SwimmingAgainstTheTide. Naturally, I felt extremely happy being an author :)

I received this message from Mohit Gupta, Founder and Chief Curator -City Book Leaders. I had gone through his profile and It's great. Later when we spoke I was able to understand the amazing work they have been doing in promoting the habit of reading, particularly in youngsters by encouraging budding book clubs and libraries. Personally, I experienced the benefits of reading in my childhood itself. I am eternally grateful to my dad for inculcating this habit into me. He always encouraged me to read books from different genres because each genre has it's own beauty and knowledge to offer. Reading helped me to be more empathetic in my approach to various aspects of my life.

I also came to know that Mohit has an association with a foundation that supports Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) with creative recycling products. And now they are working on building a skill centre into arts and crafts for PwDs.

I sincerely believe every connection in life happens for a reason. I am confident that getting connected with Mohit will definitely lead to something good for the society.

I wish Mohit and his team all the very best in their endeavours!

In my next post, I will be writing about a sweet and book loving family introduced by Mohit.

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