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Swimming Camp for Blind

We, YWTC Charitable Trust in partnership with EquiBeing Foundation, are planning to arrange swimming camps for students with vision related impairment. In this process, we had the privilege of interacting with students with vision impairment and their parents at Karna Vidya Foundation. We are grateful to Prof. Raghuram and team for arranging these interactions.

We were touched by the sacrifices that these parents make for their children every day. Many of them have to travel long distances to take their kids to school and wait there till evening to take them back home. They are truly an inspiration.

We believe that a more inclusive world can reduce the sacrifices made by parents of persons with disabilities.

It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm of some students who expressed interest in participating in our upcoming swimming camps.

We are reaching out to parents and schools for their support in making these camps a reality for the students with vision impairment.

It's essential for schools to come forward and provide equal opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities. By allowing these students to participate in activities like swimming camps, they can learn life skills and have fun while doing so.

Join us in our efforts to convince schools and parents to make a difference in the lives of these amazing students. With your support, we can create a world where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed. Let's celebrate their abilities and create a brighter future for all.

Please inbox me, if you want to join us.

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