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The interview that gave me immense pleasure 😍

Till now I gave many interviews after the release of my book #SwimmingAgainstTheTide. But yesterday's interview is very special for me. One of my friends Saikrishnan Purushothaman gifted my book to his friend's daughter Samhitaa Krishna who is studying 12th grade at Asan Memorial Secondary School, Chennai. After reading that book she spoke to me and told me with a lot of excitement how much she was inspired and impressed with my experiences. She didn't stop with that. She shared about this book with her teammates Sakhi Jain, Sameer Ahmed, Taher, Sree Krishna Preetha, Shyamala. For the benefit of other students, they wanted to interview me. When they approached me with this request, it was a pleasant surprise for me😍

I am so happy to see their good intention to share the good things they have come across with their fellow students.❤❤❤

May GOD bless them abundantly with good health, happiness and great success in their lives !🙏🙏🙏

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Sai Krishnan
Sai Krishnan
Feb 03, 2022

Am pretty sure this interview inspired each and every one of them and also all the students.

Thank you very much Latha!

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