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The opportunity to meet our honourable Vice President of India

When I got the opportunity to meet our honourable Vice President of India to present my book “Swimming Against the Tide”, I thought that if he could read my book, how nice and helpful it would be! As I know that he is a voracious reader, a lover of literature and a famous orator, him reading my book would be an honour for me. And, I strongly felt it would be helpful for the community of persons with disabilities considering his august position in our country. But at the same time, I felt I was too much over ambitious considering his position and busy schedule. When I expressed my desire with him, he promised me that he would read my book fully and send his feedback too. When I received the attached letter from Sri Venkaiah Naidu garu my joy knew no bounds! The handwritten lines he added in Telugu multiplied my happiness! What a euphoric moment it is! Receiving an awesome message from such a highly respectable statesman and a person of tenacity is an unforgettable moment forever in my life. It is heartening to read his appreciating words about my parents’ constant support to me. I will treasure this letter with great respect and admiration for his simple, humble, and affectionate gesture!

English translation for handwritten sentences:

Above: With blessings Below: Hearty congratulations for sharing in a book form your wonderful achievements which were achieved with your self-confidence and unstoppable hard work.

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