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Virtual Addressing of Accenture – ISA Infrastructure Services Dept across India

Last Friday I got the opportunity to address staff at Accenture – ISA Infrastructure Services Dept across India(virtual). Their MD Mr Surendra S welcomed me and stayed with us till the end of my talk and concluded the session with his words of praise for my parents and for my efforts. A nice gesture from him ! Session was very well moderated by Priya ! Thank you very much Niraj Tiwari for the invite and for your volunteering support for our YWTC Trust activities. Along with other life experiences I shared about my encounter with Yoga at later part of my life and it’s enormous benefits. Yoga must become a way of life for all of us. We should encourage our children also to practice yoga. I repent for not understanding the benefits of practicing yoga at younger age and feel happy for knowing them at least now 😊

My association with Accenture started from 2014 onwards. First time when we organized a roundtable conference on disability Sports Devpt. in India, their senior official joined us. During our 1st National Wheelchair Basketball Championship, we organized Corporate Championship. Four corporates viz., Standard Chartered Bank, Accenture, RRD GO Creative and Cognizant participated in it. Our coaches trained running basketball players of these corporates in playing wheelchair basketball and finally we had the Championship. All the corporates’ players appreciated our players a lot after the championship. They all unanimously mentioned playing wheelchair basketball is more difficult than playing running basketball. In 2019, during Paralympic Qualifiers preparatory camp, Indian Navy officials played wheelchair basketball exhibition match against our Indian women wheelchair basketball team. After the match, Indian Navy Basketball team saluted our players saying that they felt playing the wheelchair basketball sport is not easy comparing with playing running basketball. In their eyes no sympathy, ONLY admiration. These experiences made me realise how helpful such matches in educating corporate employees or any other non-disabled people about disability. These experiences are far better than class room type of sensitization sessions.

If corporates /other organisations come forward, we can plan for more such matches in future.

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