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We simply must speak out to be heard

Once to attend a conference I went to a hotel. During the break I went to the restroom. While getting up from the commode, I put my weight on the grab bars beside it and saw to my shock that one of them was broken. With great effort, I controlled my fall. Irritated, I went to the manager to complain about the poor maintenance. His reaction puzzled me. He started assuring me not to worry about the damage I'd done and with an air of great generosity proclaimed that he would take care of it. The incredulousness of his reaction almost made me laugh out loud! I decided that I would have to deal with this firmly. I told him sharply that I was first concerned for my own safety, over the standard of their property. I asked him if he could be held responsible had I fallen from the commode and broken my bones. I also added that I would give my feedback to the organisers of our conference about the poor maintenance at their hotel. This immediately brought him to his senses.

He apologized to me and assured me that by the time I come to use the restroom the next time during the conference, everything would be fixed. During the next break, I was determined to to verify this for the sake of the safety of others who might use the same space. The manager saw me and came up to me. He told me that he had arranged for the repair and he had even asked his housekeeping staff to personally test the safety. After I came out from the restroom, he enquired whether I had been comfortable. I thanked him wholeheartedly !

Sometimes, we simply must speak out to be heard😊

Pic Courtesy: My sister Nirmala😍

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